Ionic Dual-Voltage Travel Hair Dryer

Ionic Dual-Voltage Travel Hair Dryer

Ionic Dual-Voltage Travel Hair Dryer

If You search Hair Dryers then Ionic Dual-Voltage Travel Hair Dryer is best choice.

There are numerous of Hair Dryers you can purchase today and is particularly a really complicated job to ascertain which is the best and a bang for your buck. Before purchasing the product, gather as many facts as possible to ensure a better buying decision. Possibly, you could browse through the various expert and user product reviews online to acquire a honest approach. Let`s see what these evaluations really need to say concerning this Brookstone.

My vote for the best travel hairdryer Claudia Fenner, ET Week Brookstone's compact ionic hair dryer with true dual-voltage delivers all the power of a full-size unit in half the size
1,875 watts of power dries hair quickly, and its true dual-voltage capacity allows for use around the world
This portable hair dryer converts from 125V to 250V at the flip of a switch
And unlike some dryers that claim to be dual-voltage, ours allows you to use both speed settings and the cool shot button in the 250V mode
A built-in ionizer emits negatively charged ions to offset damaging positive ions produced by the environment and conventional hair dryers
Regular use adds volume to your hair, improves luster, and reduces flyaway and frizzy hair, leaving hair feeling full, healthy and strong
3 w x 7 l x 3 1\/2 h (folded)
69 cord
Brookstone's travel ionic hair dryer blows the competition away! Order yours now, and get ready to enjoy compact portability, true dual-voltage compatibility and the silky effects of negative ions.

While there are numerous other models out there, brand are the leaders within the section industry. Getting possibly for these products is without question, well worth your money invested.Learn more about the product, how to choose, and details on different types at link below.

Ionic Dual-Voltage Travel Hair Dryer Ionic Dual-Voltage Travel Hair Dryer Reviewed by Sara Lee on 8:46 PM Rating: 5

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